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Innomotion Sportswear is made for movers, because it facilitates and promotes movement in three dimensions. Innomotion Sportswear is light and flexible and thus adds minimal extra weight whilest providing less hindered movement. Innomotion Sportswear is made to move.

Essential to body weight sports

Common to all body weight sports are the requirements of unhindered movement and limited external weight added to the body. Innomotion Sportswear is created and designed for Calisthenics, but its unique design, features and functions align perfectly with the needs of other body weight sports.

Following sports will benefit greatly from Innomotion Sportswear
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Martial arts
  • Parkour
  • Dancing
  • Fitness
  • …and many more

Unique design features

By purposely opting out the “extra” features on Innomotion Sportswear such as pockets, zippers, linings etc. Innomotion Sportswear has streamlined the clothing to fit perfectly to maximize your body weight performance. The only “extra” feature is a botton that allows you to attach your shirt to your pants. Such interconnection ensures that your clothing does not intervene with your movement patterns, even in a handstand. Furthermore do unique inlaids in both pants and shirts provide a less hindered movement with your arms streched and legs spread.

Following design features make Innomotion Sportswear unique
  • No extra features limiting your movement performance
  • No extra weight added from non-performance enhancing features
  • An interconnecting botton between shirt and pants
  • Unique inlaids in pants promote straddle positions
  • Unique inlaids in shirts promote movements with arms streched

Compete with yourself - teach others

The special Innomotion Calisthenicswear is more than just clothing. Calisthenics is known for its many levels of engagement. From the more basic to the extreme, at Innomotion the levels are ranged from 1 (beginner) to 5 (extremist), accordingly. The contents of the different levels are displayed on this website. Depending on your current calisthenics level, you can dress accordingly. This is a great opportunity to compete with yourself advancing to the next level, whilest being able to instruct, teach and inspire others to acquire your current level. Additionally does Innomotion Sportswear coorporate with famous calisthenics athletes who represent unique clothing lines, which can be acquired if you want to acknowledge their perspectives and share in their approach.

Stand out by dressing according to your current calisthenics level. Inspire and teach others to obtain the same!
  • Advance in calisthenics levels – dress accordingly
  • Inspire and teach others your current calisthenics level
  • Dress to impress
  • Continuous competition promotes motivation

Anxious to free your movement potential?

Take a look in the shop and acquire your perfect fit

Equipped to explore and experince the world anew

At innomotion we believe that expriences are embodied. Physically exploring the world with our bodies is thus central to experiencing. Innomotion sportswear is made to release your movement potential, urging you to explore places you have not been before, in new ways. Climb that tree, run the steep hill, view the Eiffel tower from a handstand position. Unite your body's movement capabilities with your imagination with innomotion sportswear.



Evolved in the streets

Evolved in the streets

 Deeply engaged in street workout / calisthenics, the limits of contemporary sports clothing ignited the idea of Innomotion sportswear.

Made to move

Made to move

By streamlining the design and combining lightweigth flexible fabrics, Innomotion Sportswear is made for movement.

Perfected to explore

Perfected to explore

Equipping Innomotion Sportswear is equipping to explore the surroundings. There is no bad weather.. and no bad clothing, just potentiality!

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